Shopify inventory with similar SKU

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I have a very specific problem regarding the management of my inventory. I sell different types of sweaters but they are basically the same product. As an example, I am selling 5 different white sweaters (one with our logo, one with our symbol, one with a green jaguar, one with a black jaguar and one with an embroidery). I have a total of 100 white sweaters in inventory and I use simplesync so that all of these products share the same inventory and therefore the same SKU. However, I also have a small inventory of each already printed each printed that is not accounted for anywhere. So I get myself with a total incomprehension of how I should manage my inventory. If I put different SKUs for each product (my inventory that is printed), my product will be sold out when it is not really sold out (since I have unprinted ones left that I can send to print). If I put the same SKUs for all 5 and sync the inventory with simpleync, I never know how many of each product are already printed and I have to count them every time I need to send stock at the printing since I don't know what I have in stock (I only count what is not printed). I have no idea how I could handle this. I would have to have a unique SKU for each but which allows me to continue selling when it is sold out according to a common SKU .... how do I do this? Like I have 20 white small blank, 1 small white logo. I sell 2 small white logo then my inventory would be -1 for small white logo and then 19 small blank .... HELP