Shopify locked my account, are withholding 5000$, and are ignoring my emails

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Basically as the title states. About a day ago I got completely locked out of my account for absolutely no reason. My website was taken down as well. I have not received any emails from Shopify regarding it. I have customers ready to pursue legal action because I can't give them details regarding their order (because Shopify locked me out). I've had weird issues with withholding payouts the last week and have been trying to inquire about it with no avail. 


Customer service reps told me the Risk Operations team are on it and out of the 8 reps I've talked to in the last 2 days, not a single one of them have been able to help me, besides telling me to wait... There is absolutely no way to contact Risk Operations. I've been told they have been swamped. Well, what were they expecting? If you decide to lock out 100s of stores for absolutely no reason you are obviously going to get swamped with more tickets/cases.  


I will never use Shopify again. If this is how they treat successful businesses than I will be sure to tell every person I know to not use Shopify again. 


I have invested thousands of dollars into ads, marketing, and product that is already being shipped to some customers. What is the worst-case scenario for this situation? Shopify refunds all orders and I lose literally everything


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Hi, @SnugKicks,

Hank here from Shopify.

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your store, and with the delay in the time needed to resolve this issue. We aim to provide a high standard of quality when it comes to our Merchants, and due to the impact of the global pandemic, the Risk team is under increased pressure to respond to the high number of cases they have.


With these account cases, it is only the Risk team that is able to access these accounts, and that is why support would not have access to this information, and the best information to give is as you said, to wait for a response from the Risk team.

Now I know that is far from ideal as you are wanting to get your store back online, and we want that too, but there is no timeframe I can give. That said, I can take a closer look at your ticket and see if I can get an update for you, at least that would be the most up to date information I can get for you.

Now as this is account specific, I will just need to verify your account first. So I will send you an email to the email address attached to this forum's account and confirm some security questions about your store. Once you reply to that email, I will look into this further for you.

I truly appreciate your patience so far with this issue.


All the best, Hank

Hank | Social Care @ Shopify 
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This exact thing is happening to me! I switched form Wix to Shopify thinking Shopify is the superior option. But I have now been locked out of my account for a FULL WEEK. It is absolutely outrageous and they said they would contact me in 72's been 5 days now. And I talk to customer service with no avail, they say there's nothing they can do and I must wait. I'm now exploring other web host options because this is just absurd......

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My store got locked it think about a week ago . I had a family emergency and I had to leave to Mexico for 3 days and I left my mom in charge and when I got back she said I never got orders and I checked it and it said error 423 and I googled it and it said that Shopify had locked my store and I have no idea why and I have around $120 of warning on there and my shop is still up so people are still making orders and I’m trying to do my best and get people not to order online and just order through Instagram direct message and I just want to know why my store got locked and when and if it will be unlocked. I just started my business one month ago and I would appreciate if it was unlocked soon so that my customers don’t get inpatient and leave and I would also appreciate if other people that had similar problems tell me how theirs got locked and for how long and if they ever found out why. :):

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i have the same problem.. i have $10000 usd in the account and Shopify ignoring my emails.

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where did you take your buseines to?