Shopify not registering all site actions?

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Hi. My Shopify and Google Analytics are not matching. I am able to see people hitting my website in Google Analytics, Adding to Cart and Reaching Checkout.




Whilst I see this happening in real time in Google Analytics, Shopify doesn’t always show the same actions.


The analytics are set up properly. If I test by going to my store and navigating around I can see Google Analytics reflecting what I’m doing, and Shopify will usually show this as well. But when there are others in the store (apparently) only Google Analytics shows this.


Has anyone else had this odd behaviour? Our advertising company uses the GA to track the success of campaigns and the discrepancies are driving us both crazy.

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Hi @Karen_Robey,

Nick here from Shopify. 

I completely see how this is frustrating but it is quite normal. It is safe to say you'll sometimes see different results between Shopify analytics and third-party tracking services such as Google Analytics. There are a few different reasons as to why this might be which you can read here in the help document Shopify made or in the screenshot below: 


I hope this helps and answers your question. 

All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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Hi Nick and thank you for your reply but no - that page didn’t help.


In our instance we are running facebook adverts. The facebook pixel tracks users clicking on the advert and visiting our store. Google Analytics also shows that this behaviour is happening.


Shopify, however, is not registering these site visits and associated behaviour. The issue seems to be with Shopify and not GA




Hi Karen,


A few of my clients have this same issue.  I think if you are looking at FB events and GA events and they are in line with one another, I'd recommend not worrying about Shopify.  Shopify is an incredible ecom platform, but stats gathering and reporting is painful.  We have even looked at some third party apps, but personally, I only look at FB reporting and GTM.  It is a regular conversation every month when one client will call with "Facebook didn't make any sales yesterday", only for that not to be the case.


It falls under the problem of attribution and since Shopify does not action on that data at all (no special views based on inbound type), I would just shrug it off.


Not an answer, I know.  But it plagues us all!

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I'm having a similar issue today and yesterday.

About 4pm yesterday my traffic plummeted unexpectedly. I had 600 sessions on Sunday for example, and 289 yesterday, 283 acheived before 4pm.

I woke this morning, would usually expect 50-80 sessions- just 2.

Google Analytics is showing the same- just 2 sessions.

My Google Ads account and FB Ads account are showing about 40 clicks between them - there is no issue acessing my site via these ads.

After having a play about, it seems Shopify and GA are only registering Direct traffic?!

Has anybody had this before? I've spoken to Shopify and there doesn't seem to be a wider issue. Has anyone had any experience of this or is there something anyone can reccomend?


WRT to you ADS showing 40 clicks, change your view to see landing page
views instead. Clicks can also mean they are clicking on the ad.

Careful with the assumption that Shopify is miscounting sessions. You
would see that in more than just that number. How are your Add to Carts?
your abandoned carts? Your newsletter popups and signups?

However, if nothing has changed, chances are nothing has changed. I think
there is a misconception that reporting is real time. As a rule, I don't
look at numbers less than 24 hours old. It can take that long for the
attribution and aggregation of data sometimes.

However, however The likelihood that GA and Shopify are both delayed
with their attribution is pretty unlikely. Has anything changed on your
end in the last 24-48 hours?
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There is definitely a tracking issue.

Sessions are only recording when 'Direct' to the landing page, or when/if they reach cart (and then they are recorded as direct and the cart URL being the landing page)

My conversion rate today is 22% vs the usual 2%.

My 'add-to-cart' rate is 35% vs usual 5%.



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We have the same problem.. there is definitly something going on since 2 days. shopify is not showing page sessions, only /cart or /order. 

Yesterday we have the same amount of sales as 2 days ago with a 88% sessions drop lol. Our CR yesterday is 20% vs 3% normally.. I did try to explain it to customer chat, but they don't get the problem.. like i'm not stupid. I know when there is a problem going on.