Shopify not tracking initiate checkouts on admin

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Hi, today I have noticed my store has had a some add to carts but 0 initiate checkouts'. When I use a downloaded app to watch the recording of what the customer viewed on my store I can see that when they viewed their cart the quantity for the product showed 0. This is strange as they can be clearly seen adding the product to their car and the cart price isn't $0. It's the price of 1 product, $19.99. I can also see that each customer has hovered over the 'check out' button within the basket but this is when they leave the store.

Perhaps I'm just overthinking it however this is unusual for my store as I normally have more abandoned checkouts than carts because of the quick buy button.

Everything was working fine yesterday and the only thing that I have changed is a short massage on my cart page alerting customers of free shipping. I haven't touched the code.
Thank you for any replies.


UPDATE: I have used a friends phone to see if this problem with the quantity occurred and it hasn't. Everything worked as planed. It turns on the recording app just shows 0 quantity but for the customer it will show the correct quantity. However on my Shopify admin it still says 0 have reached checkout. Does anyone know why this would be?