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Hi all,

I am Rafael Fonseca this is my first post. I hope we can share good ideas!

I am about to run an online business (physical store too integrated using shopfy POS hardware) so I am try to explain the high level goal in order to confirm if it is possible to integrate in the very same Shopify online store

1) Regular ecommerce (sell products, lets say clothes)

2) Products rental (for instance, clothes). I mean, the customer will have option to Rent or Buy an item when this particular item has been set to be both Rental and Buy. Some products will just be rental, others buy, some both. For rental cases it should provide a calendar style that is synchronized with our inventory in order to garantee the availability of some particular product.

3) Create a business model where our customers can include their products in our inventory in order we can make money together. For example, for women that may have dresses in their closets it would be a good idea to put the items to generate incoming.

4) Allow our customers having subscriptions. A good example is Rent the Run Way store

Is it possible to do in Shopify? What would the best way to implement it?

How difficult and expensive it would be?

Can I do it myself by just using apps in the Shopify Marketplace?


Happy New Year for Everybody!


Rafael Fonseca\

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey, Rafael. 

Dallas here from the Social Care Team. That is a great question. 

If you are going to have an online store and a physical store I definitely recommend using both the Shopify POS system and the online store. This way all of your information will be kept in one place. Any inventory sold in the store will change the inventory online so you won't have an issue of overselling something. Also, all discount data and analytics data will be stored together so you can take a look and compare easily. 

I looked through the things that you want for your store and found some apps that I think will help with what you are looking for. 

If you want to create subscriptions that your customer can sign up for I would recommend you look at the Bold Subscription app. Another option is Subscriptions by ReCharge.  When it comes to what one to use they are both really good so you will just want to take a look and see what one you think would be best for exactly what you are looking for. 

As far as rentals are concerned I recommend BookThatApp There are a lot of features that this app has, but one that I know you really want is the ability to have a calendar attached for when your customers actually make a booking.

As far as the cost of everything, you would start with the Shopify subscription which starts at $29/mo USD. Ultimately you will need to choose what plan will work best for you, which you can do by looking at this link here. This will show all of the plan features that are available with each, their rates and everything. As far as the apps are concerned, they all vary so you will want to take a look at each app page. The pricing information can be found on the app pages that I shared above. 

If this is your first time running an online store I strongly suggest using the Shopify Academy for extra bits of information. There are some really handy courses in there that should really help you out. Another tool that I think could be beneficial for you is the Fashion Industry Apparel Report since you are working with fashion by the sounds of it. This report is from February 2018, but it isn't a year yet so I definitely recommend reading through this. 

I hope all of these tips help you out. If you have any further questions please let me know! 


Dallas | Social Care Guru @ Shopify

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