Shopify or Visual Soft for Retailers with Complex Catalogues

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My present website is just not good enough and cutting through the noise and need to have it changed.

This made me think of a possible change of platform from Shopify to another system, in this case Visual Soft (which has it own ecommerce system and who is also a marketing agency so offering other things like marketing, SEO, Affiliation or at the least the knowledge of it) which might of course be important.

Like I told him I might be changing to a new platform in Visual Soft (don't know if you know them) but as I am already set up here it would make sense to get things perfect here instead of migrating to a different system with all the risks involved in doing that.

The company was recommended to me but still unsure if that is the right thing to do.

The websites I like and know work well are for example: (Particularly the last two)

The questions is if a website like the ones above can be made in Shopify within a reasonable budget (less than £5000) as I know Shopify has some limitations, particular the standard Shopify and NOT the PLUS when it comes to catalogues and complex set ups.

I had a look and really couldn't find any examples of stores like Sports Direct, MandM Direct, JD Sports or any third party retailer of complex catalogues hence my questions, Visual Soft obviously has it as those examples above are from them.

Would it be possible to have some opinions and advice on this as this decision is paramount to the success or failure of the business particularly as I don't want to be migrating again after this or I either stay or move now

Thank you