Shopify payment address verification

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hi, how are you?

I have a problem with something, I will explain every thing to you and tell me if there is any problem in my plan.

i opened the virtual address in UK via UKPOST website and this site give me the virtual address in UK and this address used in my settings in Shopify to get Shopify payment.
up to this point every thing it's okay. have any problem with this?

the Shopify needs the verification by NationalID photo and address verification. the NationalID uploaded and approved. but also need the address verification. But i don't living in UK. how can I give you the address verification. the UKPOST website that used to take virtual address tell me will give me the statement/invoice on the 1st next month. is it this statement approve from your side?

is it my plan with this way is correct without any problem?

help me please .. and tell me what should I do if there is any problem.