Shopify payment hold

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I have been operating online e-commerce stores for nearly 8 years and we originally used Magento until we moved to Shopify as it was far more simple.


We recently invested in a new fitness product which details at around £600. We got 3 days in and after aggressive marketing we got 3 sales in 2 days. Then this afternoon I received an email to say our payments were on hold and we would have to use a third party payment provider. But the main reason we used Shopify is it’s simple payment system and no developers needing involved.

We have money on hold, they expect us to wait 120 days or refund customers and ask them to repay. To me no customer would be willing to do this and would like highly suspect.

I have emailed and used the chat system to no avail and we need a quick resolve to this. If we treated our customers in this manner we would not be held in high regard. So why do Shopify think this is okay to do to us?!

I would love to hear back from anyone at this point. I would warn anyone trying to sell high value items on Shopify and/or scale your business on this platform. Really really bad customer service in comparison to years ago.

So disappointed. Very very disappointed.