Shopify - please PLEASE can you do something about discount codes?

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One of the reasons I signed up to Shopify was the facility to offer discount codes to different customer groups, but time and again I am losing out on sales because customers get confused about where to enter their code.  They expect to be able to enter their code at the beginning of the checkout process so that they can see the "real" amount of money they are about to spend before having to enter their payment details. No matter how often I say "you enter your code on the last page of checkout", people still expect (and rightly so) that they should see what they are paying for before giving up their payment info.  I have had several enthusiastic potential customers totally turned off ordering because of this issue.  Especially as a new business, it is asking for an awful lot of trust from customers to be confirming their payment details whilst a higher purchase amount is being displayed.

 I am currently using Paypal as my only payment option as I have a new business and none of the other UK payment gateways fit my requirements yet,  but I don't see that should change anything.

I understand that this is an issue that has been raised many many times over the last couple of years, so please PLEASE can you do something about it?  As a small business, even 1 or 2 missed sales a day over this issue really hurts me!

I absolutely love Shopify otherwise, but this issue is starting to shake my faith in you a bit.

Please could you give us an update as to where you stand on this issue and if it really is something being worked on?

Many thanks in advance,


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Hannah!

This is something that we've heard tons about, and I've been bothering my checkout team for quite some time about this very issue. 


As you know, this is actually related to how PayPal Express, your payment gateway, works. Prior to the order being actually completed, your customers are sent over to PayPal to, effectively, authorize the purchase either on their credit card or on their PayPal account. Again, once the steps are completed on the PayPal portion of the payment process, your customers are sent back to Shopify where the discount code will appear just prior to the customer confirming the order and finalizing the purchase.

From my last discussion with some of our checkout developers, some major changes are coming to simplify the checkout process to make checking out as simple as possible on Shopify, and including a better methodology for inputting discount codes is definitely coming soon. While I can't provide an exact timeline, rest assured that we are listening, and changes are coming.


Talk to you soon!

Matthew Buttler
Shopify Inc.

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I agree, this modification is needed very badly.

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Glad this is in the works.  Wish we at least had a ballpark launch one month....or six months?

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agreed! is there a time frame for this? For my other shop I use, big cartel.... and there a customer can enter the discount code on the checkout page). I know requests for this have been going for over a year. I am becoming very frustrated and would like a time frame for a fix.. or i may need to look for another e-commerce solution


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My issue with this (like Hannah, i am in the uk) is that in the uk, most/all webshops work on the cart layout of being to see and apply EVERYTHING, postage choices and costs, discount codes etc, all before proceeding to a check out, regardless how its done, even when sites use paypal.

Alot of north American/Canadian webshops do seem to use the system that shopify use, putting in details before being able to pick postage choice, entering discount codes, and seeing the actual total before payment, but honestly, even then it seems backwards and hap hazard. i know i have lost some order because people are not use to this kind of check out layout.

surely cant be that hard to introduce cart and check out choices, including an option that displays everything on one page before proceeding with payment, if other people can do it. why not shopify?
(not forgetting that all important (for the people in the EU) and legal obligation to include a  "i agree to all terms and conditions" button at check out that shopfiy looks to have been dragging its feet for a year or so over (i mean come on, i have pages set up with my terms and conditions add a link with a button on the check out page? i dont know code but it cant be that much work? really?  

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Could we please have an update on this. It is crucial that the coupon box is on my cart page for my launch day.


Oliver Narramore

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I've also came across this and have come to a sneaky workaround for shops only working with Paypal if anyone interested. It surely can be improved, but I hope it helps someone (please don't flame me if there's a better solution ;)

1) In the Checkout & Payment section of the admin, add a "Manual payment" -> "Custom payment method", ie "Bogus manual payment", since you need more than one payment method to push Paypal to the end, after shipping and discount has been selected.

2) In checkout.css AND, add this line, to prevent the method we created from being showed up and selected:

.manual-payment-gateway { display: none !important;}

Cheers, Luis

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It's been 4 months. When will we see this update to the checkout process?

Ben Klinger, Studio Ve
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SHOPIFY!!!!   Im having tons of abandoned carts due to this problem!!!!!  How can the Discount code be applied in the CART OVERVIEW section?????  This is the first step where the buyer wants to know if the discount would be applied.  Right now its all the way in the end 4 of 5 pages to check out.  The more pages the higher the possibility of loosing a potential customer.  Mind you, this is using the stripe feature by Shopify which keeps the customer in the same site.  I switched from BIGCARTEL to Shopify because I truly love the platform.  But Bigcartel has this feature out-of-the box.

Please have this added along with Shipping calculator!  These are supreme factors towards keeping a potential customer!!!