Shopify removed payment gateway and held funds for 120 days, help?

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I'm a new and upcoming high ticket business currently holding inventory. We've had a great current first few days using Facebook ads, in fact we are just above break-even which is great. 

However, we were hit with an unfortunate email today saying that Shopify had removed our payment gateway and held our funds for 120 days. 

There are no charge backs, no one has requested a refund and we have played by the rules. We are now being asked to integrate a third party payment gateway and being forced to refund customers. 

This is beyond unprofessional on Shopifys part. How unbelievable it is to have a payment gateway removed with no follow up email or support. No asking for documentation or business licenses. 

I would warn ANYONE trying to scale your business or trying to sell anything high value with Shopify. We were about to purchase top tier subscription to reduce fees however after being treated this way I don't see any point. 

We would appreciate any help with this and we are also wondering if this has happened to anyone else. 

Thank you. 

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Sounds familiar....