Shopify rep is a fraud

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I was having problems with changing my account and routing number after I tried over and over and over again so I had a chat session with an agent name JELENE and i started the chat by letting her know that i KEEP getting error messages and she asked me if i had a voided check TWICE and when i send her the pic of my Bank account and routing # she said that i wasn’t supposed to send it to her due to privacy issue, but she can transfer me to her supervisor. 

WHATTTTT?? If you were only going to transfer me to your supervisor then you should’ve done that in the very beginning!

because in the very beginning you knew what my issue was.
You NEVER should’ve asked me for a voided check! 

Then she wanna say it was a misunderstanding......!!!!

I DIDNT misunderstood ANYTHING!

Part of the convo..

“Jelene (Support Advisor): Perfect! may I know if you have a void check where we can check the old banking details?

2:27 Amanda: Yes

2:28 Jelene (Support Advisor): Cool! can we double-check from your void check if we are entering the correct old banking details?”

me: *sends photo of my voided check with my full name routing and account number on it*

Does that sound like a misunderstanding to you???

Hell no! 

.........Now I’m waiting to speak to a supervisor. We’ll see if anything actually gets done.