Shopify returns "Country is not supported" when trying to checkout with Apple Pay (iOS app)

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Hello all,

We are developing a mobile application with selling goods feature, using the iOS Buy SDK.


The only way to pay for orders that we want to implement is Apple Pay.


Our company is registered in Switzerland and we want the functionality of the sale of goods through Shopify to work in our app in all countries where Apple Pay is supported.


Now, we have activated Apple Pay in the Shopify admin panel by creating a private application (docs:

Screenshot at Nov 22 13-58-32.png


















We also chose Bogus Gateway as a payment provider for the ability to test the functionality of order payment during application development:

Screenshot at Nov 22 14-06-01.png


The problem is that when we try to test the payment for goods using Apple Pay in the application, we get:


1) The error "Invalid delivery address" in the Apple Pay window:

Screenshot at Nov 21 14-24-40.png 2019-11-22 14-25-07.png


2) An error from Shopify on the checkout update request:


checkoutUserErrors =     (
            field =             (
            message = “Country is not supported”;



As far as we understood, the problems is in the wrong shipping address, but we tried to enter several different addresses in US and Russia - the result is the same.


What else should we set up?

Any help would be appreciated.