Shopify scrambling Default Address and Customer Overview?

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I recently used a data migration service to move a client's store from Magento to Shopify. When we sent reactivation emails to reconnect account owners with the new Shopify accounts, my client started getting calls from customers. 

The issue: original account owner in Magento seemingly did not come over correctly to Shopify - instead a random address from the addresses within the account was selected as the account owner. For example:

Account owner is "John Smith" from Boston with email address John bought a gift for friend "Steve Jones" from Atlanta, so Steve's address is in John's account.

Customer overview now shows account is owned by "Steve Jones" from Atlanta with email address  John Smith gets reactivation email, but notes that Steve owns the account and calls company to complain.

Does this make sense? Its like Shopify randomly grabbed an address in the account and assigned that name as account owner.  Has anyone seen this? Any way to fix (besides manually every time client gets a call from one of his 3200 customers)?

Thanks, -Sasha