Shopify server internet problem

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Am I the only one that has been experiencing problems with Shopify server? 

Last Friday, there was a problem between Shopify and Internet Service Provider like Comcast.  All Comcast users couldn't load the page.  It impacted our sales that morning and then it went back to normal so our sales were 50% of normal.  

Yesterday, Oct 17th which is Saturday, our sales went back to normal growth.  Then, this morning, it seems like something crashed again.  We checked everything, we didn't touch the website, but the conversion went from 8% to 1.7%.  

Anyway experiencing similar problems lately?  If it is a bigger system issue, I think we need to identify more cases to get Shopify to put resources behind it to fix it.   We can't afford to waste advertising dollar to bring people to the site and they can't load the page or finish the checkout.  

Please give me a shout-out if you have similar problems.  Thanks!