Shopify site unavailable - URGENT.

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My Shopify site has suddenly been made unavailable with no prior warning whatsoever.

I could not even log into the site owner account or any staff member accounts to see why or do anything about it, or even contact support.

I had to make a new account just to create a support ticket on & the people I have spoken to have been really unhelpful.

The only thing I could think about that could cause this issue is that the current site owner (the developers working on the project) & the card owner (the client) are two different people. 

We were planning to go live tomorrow & will be losing money every single day that the site is down.

There was absolutely no warning or information from Shopify to either the site owner or card owner as to why the site went down. 

We cannot seem to have access to a technical support person & have been told to wait  "48-72 hours or longer" for the operations team because they are, as they put it, "slammed".

How can my client trust me after the site randomly goes down for multiple days with absolutely no information or reason? This will cause irreparable damage to both me & my client as there have been marketing campaigns invested by the client for the live date which is tomorrow.

The message we get on the site is "Oops something went wrong... What happened... This shop is unavailable."

When trying to login as the site owner, I cannot find this site on my list.

The support ID the support contact created was: 19898075.

I need support ASAP. Somebody please help.




& I have created a support ticket