Shopify store closed but continuously billed for 6 months

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I've had a store that I've closed six months ago but only recently realised it's been billed continuously (I missed out on this because I have an active store that's billed on the 6th of every month while this closed store used to be billed at the 12th. Whenever I saw a bill for the 6th I assumed it was my active store)

Have contacted the helpdesk and he confirmed that the store has had 0 sales and no logins for the last six months. The helpdesk officer has agreed upon refunding the latest two months as they both occurred within the last month, but that is unacceptable to me. I am not letting hundreds of dollars go due to Shopify servers' technical errors. The store has also had odd bills ($3, $10, $11) across different invoices. This is also worth investigating.

I am posting this here (I've also made a post on Facebook: so as to raise as much awareness as i can regarding this matter.

Anyone within the Shopify team on a more managerial role (anywhere higher than the helpdesk as the last person I chatted with explained that they did not have the power for any higher influence) please liaise with this on this matter. This is completely unacceptable.

In the mean time, I urge everyone else to check if you have had faulty transactions from the billings.




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I think the only way to stop billing your credit card is to delete your credit card info. in the payment section. I hope Shopify re launches human customer service vs Community Forum + 24/7 ‘type chat’. It will sustain and grow their marketshare vs lose customers. I hope your issue is resolved soon.