Shopify store location indexing

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I am trying to understand why my site is getting indexed in various sites as being in Israel.

My company was created in the United States. Every setting in Shopify, company address, phone number, inventory location, is all in the USA.

I do not have inventory in Israel. 99% of my visitors and customers are from the US. Products are shipped from the US.

WHOIS shows only US addresses and info.

However, as you see in the attached screenshots, Alexa ranking shows traffic rank in Israel. And some site I found on Google shows my website as "Top websites in Israel using Shopify."

I actually DID create my Shopify account and designed my site while being in Israel but that should be private information. I blocked my Israel IP with a filter in Google Analytics and other places.

So, how are some sites indexing my website as if being in Israel?