Shopify thinks I have not changed my email address/PayPal

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This is two queries in one.

I changed my email address whilst setting up my store. I changed it in Settings >General>Store contact email weeks ago (it still shows the new address). 

However, when I get a message from Shopify it still shows my old address. For example, I just got my first customer order and an information notice says that to collect my payment I "need to set up my PayPal account. If your PayPal account doesn't use your [old email address] check your email for instructions from PayPal".

Well, PayPal also uses my new email address (and I have not had anything from them). I no longer have access to my old email account. What do I do to a) get Shopify to recognise my new email address and b) get paid?

I thought I had already set up my PayPal account within Shopify.