Shopping cart inventory HELP??!?!

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Hey guys and girls! I was trying to find a way to keep inventory in stock until the item is actually sold. I run a wakeboard proshop and because the boards are so expensive I cannot afford to let people order if we don’t have any available. So I chose the option “let shopify track inventory levels” and this works great since we have just one in stock. However if someone were to say take boardshorts and put them in their cart and leave the store for even a day… that item is taken out of inventory and reports being sold out. Please if anyone could show you me a way to not count items in the cart against inventory that would be awesome! Thank you so much!!!!!! -Stephen Marshall
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Hi Stephen,

I had a similar issue which I raised with Shopify support – we hope to sell one-off artists’ prints.

I was a bit confused as when testing, items seemed to ‘stay’ in my basket for days.

But, Shopify left this message:

I’m still trying to test it properly, but I think they are right.

I added an item to the basket on Computer A, then 10 minutes later I was able to add the same item to Computer B.

I then did a test checkout on Computer B, went back to Computer A and was told my basket was empty.

But it would be great if others could confirm that this works in reality. It would be a nightmare for us to end up with 2 orders for the same item OR items sitting in carts, unavailable to others.

Hope this is of use – but would also welcome your feedback if you’ve been testing.