Should I be concerned?

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Hi all,

We are a month into launching our website and have built up a reasonable social media following and tried to incorporate every tip and tool we have come across.  We have a small amount of visitors a day and only one actual sale so far.

How does this compare to everyone elses first few months?  Are we being impatient and this is normal?  Is this a sign we are missing something or doing something wrong?  If so, if anyone has a minute to take a look and give a personal opinion we would be very greatful and happily return the favour.

I guess we are looking for either reassurance or guidance in that we are doing things either right or wrong!

This is a new process to us so forgive us for asking some possibly silly questions!

Thanks for your time.

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It can be a slow start to most e-commerce sites but there are a few simple things I'd recommend having taken a quick look at your site

1) Reduce your header logo size. There is a lot of white space padding out the menu as a result meaning the first eye catching thing is quite far down the page

2) Improve your About Us page. It's a bit impersonal and doesn't promote trust in the site. Include pics of yourselves etc and write in a personal, friendly style.

3) More product imagery wouldn't go amiss. Example the retro pastel measuring cups could have some additional imagery of the individual cups, closeups etc.

4) Remove powered by Shopify from the footer

5) Consider changing your menu options. They are pretty specific considering how much product you have available right now. When you view some sub cats you get just a few products. People are likely getting bored before they've seen that many of your products.

6) Check some of your imagery - banner on the Unicorn page is grainy and out of focus. This doesn't breed trust in the brand.

7) Use social to your advantage. Create a brand for your company and post unique and engaging stuff - don't just recycle other peoples content.

8) See how other people are doing it. Don't rip off another site but see what is working for other people and how can you put your own spin on it?

Keep at it, there's plenty of things you can do to keep improving things!

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I think Chris has done a great job of providing you with tips.

I'd ike to chime in and say that it's too early to be making any grand assumptions.

While I believe you're definitely doing something right, please realize one month is not a long time to be building awareness for a brand. You're still brand new out there.

Keep on hustling and interacting for at least two to three more months before you sit down to really analyze your traffic to be able to tell what your successes are.

- Captain Tracking

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Thank you both very much for taking the time to go through our site so thoroughly and provide some really useful feedback and pointers.  Will work my way through the above ideas and tips today to improve things.

I did wonder if I was just being impatient as when you point out it's 'only been a month' it does seem a bit obvious really!!!  Think I just wanted to hear that it's pretty normal and not that I am missing something.

Trying to learn as much as I can on the SEO side of things and working my way through each product to create good meta titles and descriptions.  I also had another tip from a lady on here about starting a blog to tie loosely in with some of our products and fit our website theme.  I am fully prepared to try this as writing a blog is always something that has always appealed1 to me so this gives me a reason to start.  I am prepared to have a go at most things really if it could help.

Thanks again we very muh appreciate it.