Should i close my store

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I've had it over a year and barely any sales at all. Seems that only people who can spend 2k a month make any progress. Ive paid SEO for several months, tried different freelancers for fb ads, but most scam me. This niche sells but no "professional" knows the keywords or how to advertise it. But my competition has.
Im not looking to make 50k a month
I just wanted to make a few hundred with this. I cant afford SEO, fb, ig, Twitter, and pinterest ads to run at the same time. Just 250$ a month
Then u have Amazon who beats all online retailers on everything.
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Have you tried Google Ads / Google Shopping?


Social media ads generally don't convert as well as Google ads, and they're so competitive you need to have an actual professional (by being "scammed", I'm assuming you mean you hired a budget freelancer that didn't know what they're doing).


You should expect to pay at least $500 / mo for an ad manager on any channel. That's on the low end.


"paid SEO for several months" might have hurt you. You can't "pay SEO". If you hire a consultant, they will show you what to do as far as technical SEO and how to get legit backlinks. If you "pay for SEO", especially a budget agency, it's likely they are posting spam back links, which can hurt you, doubling your investment (pay for the service + SEO penalization).


"fb, ig, Twitter, and pinterest ads" -- I would scrap all of that and instead focus on paid Google Ads.


I like social media for product launches or branding, but for getting a positive ROI on selling, cold ads don't work well for a lot of brands / audiences.


Amazon - ya it's hard to compete but here's what I do: Focus on your branding and building a community on your website. Also sell on Amazon. You might as well it's a good channel.


Your site looks cool, but there isn't much personality showing about the brand. About page is buried in the footer, and when you click through the page it's a quick generic explanation.


Create a good brand that people will remember and want to do business with.


Social proof: Focus on 1 channel (I would do Instagram) and post every day. Doesn't need to be only products. Post lifestyle pics and things your target audience would enjoy. Work on building that up.


I would remove all your social links from the header. If someone clicks and sees 26 IG followers + no compelling About page + not much info about your brand, they might be scared and wonder of the legitimacy of the business.


Search for things like "how to build an instagram following".


Those are plenty of ideas, if you need more I compiled a guide with 20 conversion rate optimization tactics I've used:


Summary plan

1) Work on your branding and messaging this weekend and update your site with a nice engaging About page (pics and videos are good too) + brand messaging sprinkled on your home page, footer, and anywhere else it makes sense. 


2) Browse that CRO guide to get some ideas on increasing your conversion rate.


3) Hire an ads specialist for 1 month as a test. I would focus on Google Ads and your most popular products only. Once you get that dialed in you can experiment with other products.


4) Create a content plan and post to IG every day.


5) Update your blog. This is a long term strategy for SEO, but short term you haven't posted since November, make sure people know you're current. Bonus move is creating a cool post that you can point ads to and make it convert. Think about a post you can do as a landing page like that. Search engines like engaging posts.


Good luck!


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