Should we use a coming soon page while pausing the store?


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, pausing stores suddenly become a phenomenon. I personally think it's rational if you can hardly cover the cost. But "pausing" means "coming back some day". So what should we do to retain customers?


Basically, we have 2 options:

  • Keep the store available, disable add-to-cart buttons, and maybe turn the store into a temporary blog.
  • Hide the whole store and use a password page to keep visitors informed.

I prefer the first option, though it seems more time consuming and painstaking. What about you who are pausing stores?

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I would keep my store available, and display a message, that wouldn't do any harm to your store. Why putting it into the "under maintenance" mode while you have a lot more to show.

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Hey There,

I too would like to know what people are doing with their shop status. Once again I'm shopping for alternatives, but Shopify still seems to be top of the line with commerce options. The problem is that I have never sold Anything; but I would still like to be able to if I finally get a sale off my niche site. I just put my store in "pause and build" mode cuz I have to change course! I'm still thinking of checkin' out of Shopify for a simpler avenue with real blogging capabilities since it seems that may be my only choice, but then you add up all the other stuff through other website builders and it's just as high financially. I'm at a loss. I'm outta money, just curious what others are doing to make it through all this.