Show category only in 1 or 2 locations

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We are into organic food business and some of our products can only be delivered locally (like veggies and some ready to drink beverages). I am not able to find any app that can help me show few products only in some location (defined either zipcode wise or 2 cities in India).

Can someone suggest a solution for this?




Hi @itspriyanka,

ConnectPOS can be the perfect choice for your issue. With the multiple outlet management, you can assign different items to each location. 

First, you need to have multiple locations in the Shopify store, for example, Location A and Location B. Then assign wanted items to each location.

After that, you go to ConnectPOS and create Outlet A, then assign Location A to Outlet A. Repeat these steps with Location B and Outlet B.

When Outlet A is assigned with Location A, it will only display the products in Location A.

You can take a look at ConnectPOS here. We have helped many restaurants with this issue. You can read the success story of a fast-food chain in Cameroon as an example. 

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