Show discounted items on both Product and Collection.

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I know that this will probably be something that is not possible after a lot of searching and Googling but just looking for a definitive answer on this. Currently with the automatic discount it will only show up on the cart page. But I am really wanting it to show up on Collection and Product pages so that customers do not have to add to cart just to see the price. I know that to see 'Compare At' price you can change each product price individually and it will show up the crossed out line and discounted price, but this is not practical and when you are involving multiple variants in each product it's just way too much, especially as you would need to change them all back afterwards. I have looked at a lot of themes and apps but I have not been able to find anything that will do this. Still open to apps and other themes if it means that this is possible. Just trying a last ditch effort to find out if anyone else has successfully found a solution to this, as I am guessing I am definitely not the only person who has had this question.