Simple question, difficult answer about discounts.

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Hi Shopify and experts! 

I have a quite simple question but cannot find an answer.

We give 20% off on entire order when buying at least 2 products.
Then we also give discount codes to influencers of 30% on everything.
I'm using HulkApps Volume discount, but the problem is my customers get both discounts.
I would like them to only have the 'best' discount, so in this case 30% on everything 
The only problem for me actually is that the automatic discounts in Shopify always take over.
So an ordinary discount will not be applyable. 
I think it's so easy to change, but still not possible. 
I found an app, Discount Ninja, that MAYBE will work for my problem, but it costs also 30€ a month, and even 70€ for the number of visitors to my site... this is such a HUGE amount for a very small business as ours.

Maybe one of you has an alternative for a discount ninja or hulk ?

Thank you so much! 

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Hi estebal,


I think that what you needed can be easily make it.

When you start to create a discount coupom you set the checkbox to use only 1 by time?
If I remember, i'll need confirm to you.. but have this option, and when the client in purchase page add the 2º product, automaticly the discount 20%off will be applyed, but.. if he doesnt know about 30%off discount?

try to apply this, because the trick is in the coupom discount page..




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Hi there Etseball,

Indeed Discount Ninja is a good solution for this type of problem.

You can set up multiple automatic promotions and also configure private promotions that can override the automatic promotions.

Let us know if you are interested in hearing about the pricing options we have for you!  

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