Simplified EU/UK tax registrations

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We have had an email from Shopify about tax rates:

Keeping your tax rates up to date and knowing how much VAT to charge on sales in different EU countries and the UK can be time consuming, so we've streamlined the experience to make it faster and easier.

In your taxes settings, when you provide the information about where you're registered in the EU or UK, Shopify automatically sets the tax rates that apply in the areas you've registered for - no more manually updating rates, no more deciding what rates to set based on your sales tax liability!

I sell books which are tax exempt, how will I manage this if the tax rate is going to be automatically set? Or am I missing something?



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I'm running into a similar, but different issue.

We are unable to ship items over £135 to UK from our Netherland warehouse DDP. Shopify's registration based tax system assumes all items over £135 ship DDU. We can't collect VAT tax and duties at checkout. Our current work-around for this is to add in an extra shipping fee to collect the 12% duties. Not ideal though.

The "Include or exclude tax based on your customer's country" is a nice idea, but it doesn't offer the flexibility needed.

Shopify curious if I'm not looking at all my options or if you have some updates to the registration-based tax settings in the works? Thanks!