Singapore stores: how do you ship overseas?

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I'm running a store that's based in Singapore but selling internationally. We have more than half of our sales coming from outside of Singapore, with main areas Australia, US, and various parts of Europe. 

We're currently using SingPost to send out untracked regular international mail, mainly because it's more affordable, and because we really don't know what else to use. The problem: SingPost takes 3-5 weeks to deliver a package from Singapore to most of our overseas customers. 

Are there any affordable alternatives that we can use, that can shorten this delivery time? I've checked out FedEx and DHL, but their rates seem pretty expensive. Our AOV is ~S$30, so we can't expect customers to pay a huge amount for shipping. Any help would be great, since Shopify doesn't provide any meaningful shipping integrations or deals in Singapore.