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I'm using Debut theme and I want to add a Size Guide page that opens when clicking on a button, can somebody help?

I tried to follow some tutorials but it didn't work!

Thank you for the help.

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Hey, @CamillaP!

Ash here from the Shopify team.Thank you for posting your question in the Shopify Community Forums! 

I'm happy to help out with adding a Size Guide page that opens when clicking a button. Generally this sort of button is added to product pages, so I'll provide some instructions on how you can achieve this. Here are steps on how to add a Size Guide button to a specific product page: 

  1. The first step is to create your Size Guide. This can be done by creating a page for your online store, or by creating an image for the guide and uploading it to your Settings> Files.
  2. Next either copy the URL from the page you created, or copy the URL associated with the image you uploaded to Settings> Files. Here's where you can get the URL for an image in your Files section: fileurl.png


  3. Still in the admin, head over to the product that you want to add the link to and type "Size Guide" into the product description. proddescript.png


  4. Highlight the words "Size Guide", and then click the icon to add/edit a link. linkicon.png


  5. Paste in the URL from step 2, and select whether you want the link to open in the same, or a new window. pasteurl.png


  6. Press "Insert link" and save the page. You will now have a button on your product description that opens a Size Guide.

The above steps will help you add a Size Guide to any specific product page. If you want to add one Size Guide to all of your products at once, then the steps are a bit different. In order to add one Size Guide to every product in your store, you'll need to edit the code of the page template that generates the product pages on your store. We have a guide on how to Add a Size Chart to Product Pages in our Shopify Developer Tutorials which goes over that process in more detail. 

I realize that coding is not for everyone, and I see that you mentioned you're using the Debut theme. If you're on a paid Shopify plan and still have design time remaining, then our Theme Support team may be able to help with implementing the code in the tutorial I linked above. In order to request assistance from our Theme Support team, head over to our Help Center and follow through the prompts to get support. Once you proceed through the prompts, you'll reach a page with our available contact options such as chat or email. If you go with that option, you can send our support team a link to the tutorial above and let them know this is what you're looking to achieve. They will be able to help you from that point on. 

Another option that you may want to consider is using an application designed specifically fro creating Size Guides. Here's a link to the Shopify App Store with a pre-filled search for size charts so you can explore some of the available options and see if one looks like a good fit for your business. 

I hope this helps, and feel free to reply back here if you need any clarification on the steps above.

Ash | Social Care @ Shopify 
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