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Hi, I'm offering free shipping at the moment and would like to skip the shipping page in the checkout process. This is an unnecessary page and removing this will help expedite the customer checkout process without causing any hesitation. 

Does someone know how to temporarily remove this page? 

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Hi @maurant 

i haven’t tried this myself yet, but in theory you just need to make sure no products on your shop require shipping to be charged on checkout. If you navigate to Products in your admin, via the bulk editor, you can select the ‘required shipping’ field as a parameter. As long as they’re all unchecked, checkout will skip right to the payment method for all orders.

however, here is also a lengthy thread discussing various options and naming apps that can help you achieve your desired outcome as well:  How to skip the shipping method when checking out?


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I tried to look for this option in the basic shopify plan but couldn't find it. Maybe it's an option within Shopify Plus.