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Does anyone know if shopify is working on adding the option to create a smart collection by excluding products that have a certain tag? We are currently working around this by customizing the collection.liquid to only render products without a certain tag but this messes up the pagination. We end up moving the hidden products to the end of the collection manually by dragging them in the backend so that the pagination is not affected but this makes the smart collection less automatic and more manual than it was intended to be. Any insights?

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Tatiana,

I am a Guru here at Shopify. I am not aware that this is possible, nor if it is something that is currently being considered. 

What you can do, is exclude products from certain collections by filtering with tags in the navigation section. 

Please see this doc for more details



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I would like to add my vote (if Shopify is counting them) to have the ability to create a collection based on "Tag NOT equal to". 

My usage example: I have only certain products on sale, most are not. They have the tag "Sale" on them. If I could create a collection of everything NOT on sale, I could then create discount codes that will apply only to products not on sale instead of having customers "double up" on the discounts. 

@Tatiana Frank: Sorry I have no suggestions for you. I have to manually add all not for sale items to a collection, or set all compare at prices that are not for sale to $0 so I can create a collection where Compare At Price - is Equal to - $0 (however that triggers all the sale icons on my site so that won't work for me). Good luck. 


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Shopify : I would also say this is something I would find handy. 

Very fustrating to have the dropdown option but not allowed to select. 

OP :

I'm currently having to make a large number of collections and variety of templates to get round this.  The templates take a while to set up but I'm finding it more user friendly for future product admins without code skills.

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+1 for this feature.  Not sure why it is so difficult to implement

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Dropping my +1 in here too.

Id like to be able to tag the products I have custom photos for, and have a smart collection to automatically include all products that lack that tag so I can see what items are still using stock photos and need updated. 

Can't wrap my mind around why there's not an ability to filter by tag exclusion....

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+1 here as well.  I'm absolutely all for this. It seems like a no-brainer to have this ability.

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I'm putting my +1 in with this as well. There's no way a simple "not" filter is hard. I've been a programmer for over 5 years, and this kind of thing has never been more than 5 lines of code to implement in any system.

Shopify Dev team, you guys really need to get on this.

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We truly need this!!

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I really need this! Thanks