Social sharing products?

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Does anyone know how, in Shopify, you can share specific products and have the social sharing image show that product? For instance, if I share product A from my store, and then share product B, can the link preview show each one of those products, or can it only show the general social sharing image I set?


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I'm having this same issue, I went to share a specific product online and it only showed my shop logo. This is not very marketing friendly as people will be more motivated to click a product they're interested in vs a company logo.


According to Shopify docs, If you're using free themes from Shopify, when you post a link from your online store to social media, the featured image for that page is shown. The following page types have featured images:

  • Product pages
  • Collection pages
  • Blog posts

For pages that do not have featured images, like your homepage or an "About us" page, the social sharing image of your online store is shown.

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