Solutions to create a shopping list

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I´m working on a solution where we are about to guide the customer on what components they will need to assembly a full solution. Each component can be selected among several dependent on the customers preference. A bit like a recipe.

In the perfect world it would work something like this.

E.g. The customer looks at a blog post "How to build a toy car". What you will need is wheels, engine, extension, cable and centerpiece.

The customer clicks buy items and gets some kind of shopping list, maybe dummy items added to their cart.

They then need to change the dummy items to their preferred type of wheels, preferred type of engine etc.

With this setup we hope that the customer want miss anything.


Have anyone seen something like this or have any suggestion?


Another solution could be that the customer add "standard car building kit" to their cart which will add 5 types of products and then are able to remove products while they add new ones. Any ideas about that?


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