Some products not coming up for FB product tags?

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All of our products are approved for product tagging and show up in the Shop section of our Facebook page. We cross post from Instagram where the products come up via the search for product tagging. When we go into Facebook to tag the products, they sometimes don't show up. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to what comes up and what doesn't. Additionally, it's like entire words are missing from the product tag search. For example, we have multiple products that have the word bear in the title, but NONE of them pulled up. Yet, they're in the FB shop. Today we tried tagging something that we've run a successful ad campaign on and have tagged multiple times, but it's not there now.


Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas on how to fix it?


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I am experiencing it as well. Seems like new products just styned "knock out" the older ones, making them not available to tag. It seems to be getting worse for me. 

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This is happening to me too! I’ve just been online chatting with Shopify they said everything is as it should be on their end so it maybe a problem with Facebook.