Some thoughts on the first dropshipping

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To be honest, I have always been a very ordinary person, go to ordinary school, do ordinary work, I think the entrepreneurial story is far away from me, those who make big money are lying, there will be no special things in my life. , But I seem to be wrong.

Yes, from April to June, I had more than 200 orders and an income of 130,000 US dollars. I seem to have become the "entrepreneur" in the story. This is really amazing.



I thought about it, I should write down my experience, I admit that I have a little selfishness to show off (forgive me, it feels like winning a million prize), but if I can help others, it is the best.

First of all, I am really a novice to dropshipping. I started to try the shopify store during the outbreak (it’s too boring at home). I didn’t have much hope, and I didn’t even spend much time on it because I’m a game lover. , So I randomly ordered a niche store for gaming products, but obviously I chose the right one.


  1. Do what interests you

I have to say that it feels great to work in my favorite field, because I am very familiar with the field of e-sports, so I know the needs of game lovers very well, some very personalized mouse and keyboard, and headphones with excellent sound effects. There are game derivatives, some dolls, pillows, and posters, which many people like.

I also set up partitions according to the difference between men and women, because the mouse that is too heavy for girls will affect the feel, and the keyboard keys will also affect the operation, and they will also value the color and appearance compared to boys.

Because I am very interested in this game, I can also comment on the game during the promotion process, and I can also open a store competition to win the keyboard. This is all due to my area of ​​interest.

2. Choose product

I’m a lazy person, so I didn’t research too many suppliers. I heard that AliExpress was the most popular supplier website, so I kept looking for products there. According to the shipping destination, I can find the nearest This greatly shortens the shipping time.


I heard that many people use oberlo to guide products, which is faster, but I used the free oberlo pro version

(An APP called ANTDIY is really good, and very suitable for novices, the operation is very simple)

, It’s so fast. I experienced all the advanced features without spending money. I also found the AliExpress hot product rankings in the recommended product list there. I have to say that I can avoid bad suppliers relying on these rankings. .

I choose the product based on two criteria. One is to look at the sales volume, and the other to look at the evaluation. The sales volume allows me to distinguish whether the supplier is a liar. The evaluation allows me to use ALIREVIEWS to import it into the store. Thank you to these App developers, they really awesome.


3. Advertising

I invested $70 in Facebook ads, but then I didn’t do that, because I usually join a lot of game groups, so I have a natural audience, I can quickly find my customers, I remember that At that time, LPL was in the spring competition, so many groups were very active. At that time, the few product links I randomly posted could bring me a lot of page views. In addition, I have to say that the final was really exciting.


4. Do more activities

It’s important to make customers your friends. This can bring more customers and orders.

I held a competition last month. My customers can participate after signing up. They form a team to start the game, and the player who wins in the end can get the keyboard and mouse I sent. To be honest, at first I thought no one would participate. Maybe in the end I have to call people to participate, because it would be too embarrassing if there are no individuals, but fortunately, the event went smoothly and I also received a lot of attention.

I have also done some activities on many social channels, which have increased my attention.


5. A good attitude

Maybe it is because of my good mentality that I can succeed in a short time. I didn't give up when I lost money at the beginning, because I didn't think about it as a source of income. I was just curious. When I had income, I was not too excited, but carefully analyzed how the order came from.

Now my shop is temporarily closed, because I am about to start working, maybe I will consider reopening the shop when my life returns to normal. I admit that this success is mostly based on luck, but I still want to share it. If these experiences can inspire those who are in distress, it is worth it.