Something strange regarding my purchase from a Shopify merchant

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I just made a purchase from a Shopify merchant and I have some real concerns.  After I entered my email address, it filled the rest of the data entry form with my son's information.  He lives in a different state and has never touched my computer and he doesn't have my credit card.  Yet, the shipped address got set to his home address.  I corrected the shipping address and notice that the order is issued to him.  I made the assumption that when I click Process it would prompt me for my credit card number, name on the card and at least would prompt me for the security code.  It did NONE of that.  I immediately contacted the merchant and they said the order was processed and the credit card number is indeed my credit card but my son's name is on the order.   The ship to address is my address.

How did it screwup so badly?  I can understand Shopify might have gotten the information from a previous purchase from another Shopify merchant but that information is WRONG.  Without confirmation, and without a chance to correct the error, it went ahead and issued the order in my son's name but my credit card number.

This is totally unacceptable!