Sorry for stupid questions, I am very new to dropshipping

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Hi guys!

I have been thinking about starting my online store for a while now, but there are still some dark areas for understanding how the dropshipping works. It would be great if someone could explain me few points:

1. If I live outside the US, but I want to target US audience through Amazon, I have to pre-stock my items in Amazon based in US(meaning when I order items in China I put the address of US Amazon office and they then take care of packaging and etc). But if someone bought an item through my website, where do I store the items? If I order them from China AFTER someone made an order, it will take forever to deliver to the client, so I guess I need to pre-stock items somewhere in US as well?

If it is Print-On-Demand items, they will be produced only after the order is placed, but when I see stores full of different kind of products like electronics, furniture or watches - do they buy lots of them and store somewhere BEFORE the order is placed? Or how does it work?

2. I live in Cambodia right now. I found some items I would love to sell in US. Does it make sense to make an online store for this item, and ship every item to every sender by myself? Or it is better to sell them through Amazon and ship directly 50+items to Amazon fulfillment center?


Will appreciate any help.

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If you have the capital I would send them straight to Amazon, then you can sell on Amazon and fulfill Shopify orders through Amazon's warehouse.


To mitigate risk of stocking products that don't sell I would do this:

1) Start with a low amount if you can, maybe 20 - 50 units per product.


2) If you can dropship, try listing the products on your Shopify site first, then run some marketing to see what's popular. When you get proof of traction, then order bulk and send to Amazon to sell there + stock for fulfilling your Shopify orders.


2a) You can scale with hybrid dropshipping model by storing your proven products in FBA warehouses, then continually try new products by dropshipping first, then ordering the winning products in bulk.


Good luck 👍

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Thank you for your advices! :) Makes more sense now!