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How do I speak with a shopify staff member.


I had a shopify store take my money for an order last saturday, did not delivery it, try to email them, no response.. called them said mail box is full, live chatted with them and they asked me for my bank details then told me to F Off..

Once I told them I had a shopify store and was going to report them to shopify they started being polite and pay me back via paypal. this is not a legit business and I think shopify should suspending them until they can prove they are before anyone else loses money with them.. they also told me all their computers are boxes up as they are moving so thats why they could not make refunds via shopify admin.. very dodgy. 

Will not put URL here but happy to PM staff with it.

Thanks you 


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  • Hello
  • Yes
  • Can you please tell me where my order is
  • 1558
  • Chase up now for you
  • Can I please have an update then (this was 15mins later)
  • If this can not be delivered I would like a refund.. (another 5 mins later)
  • I do you a refund Today
  • So your unable to fulfil the order? please do a refund today then, shame you could not let me know before. If I do not received a refund notice then I will contact my bank
    • Send your bank details Now I transfer it in 1 hr Now **bleep** off
    • No I will contact my bank and Shopify now.. Good luck trying to con anyone else after today
    • you have my order number so you have no need for my bank details
    • Not con Anyone I just asked you For you bank details To make payment for you refund We in Process of moving so all computers are in boxes that’s why I’ve asked you for your bank details on the bank transfer
    • I am waiting To make the payment Can pls send bank details
    • No, Shopify payment took my money via your website, you can process my refund via your mobile Shopify app you do not need a computer.. I have a Shopify store also, so know how this works..
    • I pressed the refund on shopify
    • But does not allways work That’s why wanted to do you transfer
    • ok, you can transfer via PayPal it says you are refunding 0.00 and I have not received the refund email... 
    • Yes I can No problem
    • Paid
The small changes we make today, make greater changes for our future.
Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi @zerozenecostore,

I really appreciate you bringing this to our attention and I appreciate you wanting to make sure that this store and their behavior is reported.

I can see that it was a difficult conversation with them to try and receive your refund for the order and I applaud your perseverance and also that you didn't share any information they didn't need to have, like your bank account number.

While you can email us or chat with our live support about this to submit a report with our team, I would instead encourage you to fill out our Acceptable Use Policy form as that goes straight to our security team for review:

If you would prefer to chat with our support team live about this you can also reach out in our Help Center. Once signed in, you can search for "Merchant Complaint" and choose the contact support option at the bottom of the search results.

To assist us in this investigation please provide as much information and evidence you have, proof of purchase of your order, screenshots of your communications and anything else you feel is important.

Since this is the next steps to resolve this issue I will mark this thread as resolved. Thank you again and please let me know if I can assist you anymore with this matter. 


Shay | Support Advisor @ Shopify 
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