Speed issue: clean up the scripts of uninstalled apps, website fonts & defer off screen images

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I ran some google speed tests on my website : www.myrobotdoll.com. I realized that there are many third party script codes slowing down my site.


1) Here is the list of the apps that have already been uninstalled: amazon sales channel, Ekoma and Buddha Mega Menu. Could you please share an instruction on how to remove the residual codes? I don't find any user instructions on these apps.


2) I am using Kalam as the principal font for my website. It seems that this is slowing down my website. Do you know what are the fonts i should use to improve this? 


3) How should defer the off screen images?


Thanks and cheers

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In general references to these scripts are place in layouts/theme.liquid in your theme code. You can start by searching that and other theme files and remove the assets that are causing the issues.


You can defer offscreen images by adding lazy loading into your theme, although I did run a test and it appears to be there already: https://analyze.speedboostr.com/result/fo1g4ugb65


I also don't notice that fonts are an issue on your theme but I do see 25~30 scripts running on every page, many of these contain 60% or more unused content. You might consider trimming some of this content but those other areas don't appear to be big issues.

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