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Hi all,


we are in the process of transferring our platform from Prestashop to Shopify. We have multiple vendors selling their products on our platform and need to enable a split payment at the checkout. More specifically, this means that the customer payment needs to be split up into multiple transactions (with a commission to us as a platform for each of them), depending on how many different sellers have been in the customer's cart. 

After extensive research, we understand that this is not directly possible via Shopify. We have looked at Multivendor apps and also use one, but to comply to european law, we can not act as a financial service provider (i.e. receiving money on our bank account and splitting it automated from there). As such, we can for example not use the webkul Multivendor app to payout the vendors. 

We also don't just want to rely on Stripe, as we would like to offer PayPal payments to our customers.


Thus, we need a payment provider, that does the split for us. There are multiple solutions out there, and we have seen that Multisafepay integrates on Shopify and allows a split payment over their API (https://docs.multisafepay.com/tools/split-payments/how-do-i-get-split-payments/). Is this something that we can do on the Shopify side?

I am aware of the Storefront API and its feature to complete the checkout (https://shopify.dev/tutorials/create-a-checkout-with-storefront-api#completing-the-checkout). As we use Multisafepay (which is a validated payment gateway by Shopify), it should be possible to make the API calls to Multisafepay and then return a vault ID, right? How can we get this vault ID?


Looking forward to hear about your experiences and help. Are you maybe aware of other supported payment gateways enabling split payments in accordance with EU legislation?



BR Hannes & Jan

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Hi Hannes and Jan,


We would like to get in touch with you to see if our split payment solution helps you further.
Would you like to contact our Integration team and refer to this topic?

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Would this solution work for you? https://www.galaxyfinance.com/business


It integrates with Shopify and lets you split disbursements based on the product. Happy to chat more if you email me at adam@galaxyfinance.com