Spocket blindshipping

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Hi! If I have items imported from Spocket, does the supplier know that the order is from dropshipping and not to include any material that tells the customer? Does shopify automatically inform the supplier?

one supplier has put “Branded Invoicing is not available for this product”

wouldn't that mean the customer will know it’s come from someone else?



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Hi Joanne,

If you are using Spocket and you find that the suppliers listing said "Branded Invoicing is not available for this product" that means they will only send it in a generic invoice.

All Spocket suppliers are strictly instructed to Ship Blindly if they are not capable of producing a Branded Invoice for a certain listing. That means you wouldn't have to worry about the customers knowing where their products came from.

There are several reasons why a certain listing is not capable of Branded Invoicing. Some of the possibilities are, they can be due to high volume of orders from the supplier, or their warehouse does not have capability etc. You may reach out to support@spocket.co to know more information Joanne! We'd be happy to answer your questions!



John and The Spocket Team