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I have been getting the feedback from my customers that when they use ShopPay to checkout, they cannot readily find the spot to enter Notes at checkout. 

As well, it seems that my 'Payment by Phone' option (which is note ApplePay, but literally someone calling us and paying us by giving us their credit card info over the phone, which isn't an easy option for me to enter via Shopify, but I enter it using another merchant terminal that I use, and likewise, I sometimes need the option to process a payment with a Shopify Order, entering the credit card info on my end, but the times when Shopify admin panel offers this possibility is limited currently).   Not sure if this all is to help minimize fraud & mistakes, which I could see, but it proves challenging for us at times, hence I've kept another third party merchant terminal provider open in the meantime so that I can manually enter payment, but not ideal.  There must be some other workaround to manually enter a credit card payment with Shopify?

Customers use 'payment by phone' with us with range of situations, one being to checkout and reserve stock partially, but when they're not ready to complete their order yet, and it's going to continue to be modified, or I'm going to be adding things on my end to their order that are in limited supply (the option where we reserve stock has a few issues: one being that reserved stock still shows as available to other customers, but it's frustrating for them, as they can add to cart, but when they goto checkout, they can't actually checkout then... and then also, with 2 storefronts, one for Canada, and one for the US, the reserved stock option no longer serves us, as the stock would then instead be available in the other store....).  So, the best workaround I've found so far is to pull the inventory, and then manually add later to the customer's invoice, once they've created a partial one for us to have their address, and other items they're wanting to order....

Anyways, this is a few things jammed in here together, but you can see how these could hopefully be improved upon?

1) Make place for customer to enter notes at checkout prominent, even if customer paying with ShopPay.

2) Make 'Payment by Phone' an option with ShopPay too...  For some reason, many customers checking out this way report to me that it wasn't available to them...?

3) Make it possible for reserved inventory to actually deduct from stock quantity, at least offer retailers the choice for this....?

4) Make it possible for us to charge customer's cc on our end, manually entering cc info to an invoice, at various stages of the invoice's status... (eg if it's been edited, after it's been created, etc.).


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Hi, @LisaD!

Sophia here from Shopify.

I appreciate the care you have for your customers and looking to make their experience as smooth and intuitive as possible. I'm happy to address your concerns here and discuss some potential solutions or workarounds with you. 

Order notes

Order notes can be added on the cart page rather than in the checkout. There are checkout customizations available, though they are limited to visual changes in an effort to maintain the functionality of the checkout. Let me know if you have any questions about this feature, and please be sure to note the name of your theme here if you're having any trouble with the settings.

If customers are required to leave a note with their purchase, you could potentially add a message about that to the product description to remind them to enter that information on the cart page. Alternatively, one of the apps for product options may be helpful if customers are missing the notes section on the cart page, as these apps can help you add a text box directly to the product page.

Shop Pay vs. Manual payment methods

With Shopify Payments, credit card details can be entered manually both on draft orders in the admin and on Shopify POS (point of sale). Payment by phone would be considered a manual payment method, and that can be added to your checkout. However, manual payment methods are listed separately from Shop Pay. The purpose of Shop Pay is to store information (including payment method) so that customers can checkout faster. 

I am curious to learn more about why customers who want to pay by phone are interested in using the Shop Pay option on your store. Are they looking for an easy way to give you their shipping information? I'm thinking that the best workaround here might be editing orders, depending on how long an order would be pending while items are added. This way, customers can checkout on their own using Shop Pay to place their initial order, and you would then be able to add products within 60 days of the order being placed, sending an invoice to the customer once any payment adjustment needs to be made.

Draft orders and reserving items

Since items are only removed from inventory once an order is marked as Paid, the Reserve items option on draft orders can't currently change the way that stock appears to customers on the storefront. I understand that this hasn't provided an ideal experience for customers who get the unexpected message during the checkout process, and I can absolutely submit feedback about this to our developers on your behalf. In the meantime, let me know if the option for customers to place an order that you can edit within 60 days will be a sufficient workaround.

Are you currently using two separate Shopify logins to manage your Canadian and US stores, or are they managed under one Shopify store using international domains and separate locations for inventory management?


Sophia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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