Spotify interest and questions

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Hi all, 

I am currently using Lightspeed where I run into some issues, therefore I am considering changing (even though it seems like a big transition).

I would most appreciate some feedback on following:

- how do I easily transfer my content and products between these platforms?

- in Lightspeed you can have multiple currencies, but you always pay in euro; can the customer pay in local currency in Spotify?

- can you send quotes in different currencies? (in Lightspeed only in Euro)

- is there a google translate function in Spotify? how much does it cost per language more or less?

- can you set the prices per country differently? if an app, how much does it cost?

- could you also advise a theme that could match the style of my website (I kind of like the style, so like to keep it as much as possible):

Thank you!