Stack or combine discounts

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Is there a way to combine discounts?  I would like to offer a discount that is a % off and free shipping.

Or is there a way to stack discounts? So the customer can use both the % off code and the free shipping code.



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Hi Suzanne,

Katy here from Shopify. Thank you for reaching out, and great question.

At present, it is not possible to combine or stack discount codes together, we have a little more info on this here

While there is an app that allows you to do so, this does not work with shipping. 

However, as you are looking to combine a % off a product along with free shipping, there is an option which may work for you.

This works by setting up Free Shipping at the checkout, without the need for a discount code. 
You could perhaps have this available if a customer orders over a certain amount, for example. There is a guide on how to set this up here

I hope this helps! I have also passed this feedback along to our team as a feature request.



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Hi Katy, I'm a little late to the conversation here. Is it possible to use the free shipping option decribed above with an automatic buy x get y discount?

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The app you are referring to has only one review, and you cannot combine a % discount such as 15% off your first purchase, with a black friday discount of $30. Seems to only work if both codes are % or both are $.  

Seems to be a lot of interest in this. Why can we not have the option to allow two codes to be used on one order?  The higher discount % or $ should always apply first. 

Please add.  

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Is there yet a solution without app?
Does anybody knows a free app?
I just want to combine to % discounts.




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Same here.


it seems in most online retail, everyone allows stacking of coupons for the best "bang for you buck" to customers. I use multiple coupons all the time when i online shop....its weird that Shopify, one of the biggest ecommerce platforms cant do this "out of the box"

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Is there an update on this yet? It's crazy that Shopify doesn't offer this. 

I want to offer 10% off and free shipping...easily. 

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App Selly can offer stack discount for you:

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Yep. The Selly United App gives you this option.

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 10.36.00 AM.png

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The above only works with Selly for Shopify Plus accounts, for Shopify Basic it can only be added on the cart page.  I've tried a few apps and haven't found a solution.  Given that discounts and promo codes are a common part of retail, it's frustrating that Shopify have made it so difficult.