Stackable Discount Codes

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I decided to start a new thread, since the thread we were all leaving comments on, "Multiple Discounts at Checkout", has been marked as "solved" (even though it is not) so perhaps the Shopify Team isn't getting notified...


I would also like to be added to the list of voting for stackable discount codes. This is because of another issue I am having. I offer Local Pick Up (for free) and Shipping (for $9.95) under $100 and the cheapest option is always automatically selected (which is Local Pick Up) so if someone is checking out fast and/or just wants to choose the free option they just leave the Local Pick Up option selected. I want there to be a way where I can choose which option is automatically selected so I don't have to keep getting the answer "oh I didn't realize I chose local pick up!" Now I know if a customer has to physically click it from paid Shipping to free Local Pick Up they can't use that excuse anymore and it will cause less headaches for me. 


So now I'm thinking if I just offered a LOCALPICKUP coupon that offers free shipping it would be another way to solve this problem, but then my customers can't use a discount at the same time.


Please offer any tips you may have to solve my problem, or is there a solution I am not seeing? Thank you.

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Would you be open to looking into a 3rd party app? ShipperHQ can handle what you are looking to do. You can set a flat rate shipping fee of $9.95 when the cart value is under $100, and free when it's above. You can also set the in-store pickup feature to only show for customers in certain zip codes or regions near your store. And it won't have an automatic selection, so your customers will have to actually decide. No need to even bother with coupon codes.


We offer a 30-day free trial so you can test it out and see how it works for you!

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I have had the exact same problem here and I have a partial solution for anyone that needs.


So I'm building a campaign for a clients Shopify store where they want to give away a FREE Product with FREE Shipping. This product normally costs £3.99, so we can assume that the discount code will reduce the price by 100% but what about the shipping?

standard shipping in this instance is £3.50, what i did was set a condition for the standard shipping where this is only applicable when the minimum value of the cart is £0.02

I set up a second shipping profile called "FREE GIVEAWAY SHIPPING" this will only apply to your cart when the maximum value of the order is £0.01. So by reducing the free giveaway product with a coupon code, this triggers the free shipping to activate because the value is now below the threshold.


i know my circumstances are, let's say bespoke haha but after looking for a solution for days this was my way out of the woods.


Shopify need to sort this out though, I hope this is at least somewhat helpful for anyone in the same boat as me.

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This is a huge miss on Shopify's part. Reading how long the other threads have gone on for with what is seemingly such a simple fix, is pretty discouraging.