Stacking Automatic Discounts

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Hi there, I am "Trying" to move back to shopify and could use some help with a big outstanding issue.

Our current website lets us run "Discount Rules" which is similar to Shopify Automatic discount.  The only difference is we can currently run MULTIPLE Discount rules at the same time.

Buy any 2 products of any variants from category 1 and receive a 50% discount on your 3rd Item of any variant from the same category.

*** This can be done again on other "Discount Rules" we have created in other categories.  

We have created one Automatic Discount but now need to create 7 more and run them all at the same time.  I have been looking through the forums and have no really found an answer.  At this point I am not asking for Shopify to change their product, we dont have the time to wait.  I am looking for an app that is reasonable that will allow us this feature!  

Has anyone run into this issue and has solved it with a third party app?  Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Discount codes don't stack in Shopify. Within the Shopify admin, it is only possible to have one active automatic discount code at any given time.

The reason being is customers cannot apply more than one discount code for an order and automatic discounts take precedence over regular discount codes. However you can use many third party apps to make stacking possible on your E-store. You can download and Install these apps from Shopify App store very easily.

These 3 are my top favorites :

1. KartDiscount by Anglerfox Websolutions

Cart discounts app lets your customers add different coupons and discount offers on the cart page. This app also lets you stack/combine

upto 3 discounts. Also this app enable you to have upto 10 automatic discounts active at the same time.

2. Stackable Discounts by Optizio

Stackable allows you to stack multiple promotions, from automatic discounts to manual codes, enabling your customers to not only benefit from all the

Savings but also to have a handy way to reference them at any point while they shop.

3. Stack Discounts by MerchantYard

This app enables limit on how many discount codes can be used at same time and set a maximum discount value a customer can get per order whether it is a fixed amount or percentage.

Run multiple promotions at once by applying discount codes automatically to customer's cart.

Hope this answer helps