Starting a Mastermind peer-mentoring group

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Hi all,
My name is Uri, I’m an entrepreneur and Co-founder of a few online ventures.
I’m interested in starting a mastermind, aka peer-mentoring group, with a few other motivated and ambitious Shopify entrepreneurs.
You don’t need to be extremely successful but I am looking to meet with other entrepreneurs who have at least some success, on a weekly basis on Google Hangouts, where we can help one another and grow together. If you’re a positive person and serious about your business, I’d love to have you be a part of this group.
My skills and specialties are online marketing, bootstrapping an online business, SEO, and more... I own a few successful products including a U.S. based personal finance blog, finance budgeting app, fb messenger bot with 2M subscribers, 2 additional websites with 2-3M monthly traffic and a few other things...
Ideally, the way I see it - the group should consist of 8-10 people in the following structure:
  • 3-4 Shopify merchants with at least 3K USD in monthly revenue
  • 2 Agencies / Shopify Experts who extensively work with lots of merchants as service providers
  • 2-3 Shopify app developers who develop public apps for the Shopify app store
  • Open to other suggestions
If you’re interested, please enter your details in the short form attached, and give me a little background on yourself, what you’d like to get out of this mastermind group, and what you think you can contribute and I’ll contact you!
Sorry, had to cross-post it since this thread looks more relevant to the topic.