Starting a new shop?? Here is what you can really expect

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First.  Dont expect this post to be here long. Ever heard the expression truth hurts?  Well here is some truth for you


So, youve decided to open a store on Shopify.  You obviously havent tried the easier to use, 10xcheaper, and more clearly developed software called 3dcart, now


But despite those words of warning lets say u do stay here paying insane amounts of money for poor network uptime and clunky software.  Shopify has unwritten rules thst they follow such as: no reimbursement fir time paid on your shop.  Thats right.  If they cut you short. Which is doing u favor. They wont reimburse you for the money you spent.

They also dont honor what they say.  Thier word has no value.  For example. If they say you have 7 days to do something, they may only give you 5.  Like they did me.  

I hope the knowledge of hardcore or deviant sexual devices doesnt bother you.  Shopify openingly supports shops that sell deviant sexual products, and has them on the same IP address as many other stores including church's or religious backed sites.  Of course they could move them to a different vlan so as not to share the ip, but that might hurt thier God.  Money.  Shopify has no problem supporting websites thst sell tobacco products online.  I smoke cigarettes, im not against them. But i am against selling tobacco to minors.  Which is a common occurrence online.  Thids is not news. Shopify knows this. But they answer to a god of money.  


Email me for more information and a copy of the back n forth emails with thier legal dept and risk management.