Stats not showing.

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I'm doing some youtube marketing. I'm getting visitors to a video and then directing them to a Shopify store via a redirect link in the YouTube description. I'm doing this because we have 30 videos and each one has is promoting a different product.

Regards redirect method. I'm using a simple Redirect wordpress plugin. It has a stats option so I can see which of the 30 products a visitor used.

Now, the issue is.

My stats with the WordPress plugin is showing 80 clicks in a day. But in Shopify it only showing about 15. Totally confused as plugin is fairly basic but tested it and accurate in registering.logging clicks... and sending users on to shopify store.

Any ideas why both Wordpress and shopify not showing same numbers.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Update. Could it be that Shopify won't log multiply visits from same ip address/URL?