Stay away from shopify, sign up elsewhere

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For the second time in our short stay with shopify our website gets flagged for selling covid 19 products... mind you we are a MEDICAL SUPPLY COMPANY that launched in early 2019 pre covid.. we sell everything from industrial supplies to medical equipment... We recently were approved to sell covid PCR tests that are FDA authorized under EAU and they instantly sent us an email requesting documents to prove that status.. but the real kicker is they claim their concerned with consumer deception yet they ask us to upgrade to the $500 a month plan in order to comply...…

Shopify doesn't care about consumer deception they care about their bottom line, they'll always want their piece of the pie and if they cant get it they'll find a way to disable your shop or listings and demand more money.... Take your business elsewhere, or it wont be your business anymore they'll own it... you've been warned!