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I am new to dropshipping! I am looking for some guidance on how to find a steady niche? 

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Hi, @NathenPage,

Hyde here from Shopify. Great question!

Being a dropshipper there may be many people selling the exact same products as you but this doesn’t mean you can’t build a brand around your Dropshipping store. Showing your store as a brand that is an authority in a particular niche is a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors. Even though you may not be manufacturing your products, your brand can show itself to be the best curator in your niche.

To do this you should pick a niche that you are knowledgeable about and curate your products around it. In a saturated market, it’s best to be specific instead of broad. For example, a men's golf clothing store is probably going to be easier to develop an identity and brand around than a sporting store for men, women, and children that covers multiple sports and tries to market to a huge and diverse audience. There's a fantastic guide from Oberlo about picking the right niche here.

To build a brand you should look at having

  • a strong, relevant name.
  • a visual identity (logo, color scheme)
  • a mission statement (what makes your brand different
  • a target customer (who is your customer? What magazines do they read? What social media do they hang out on? Who influences their decisions? Are they high or low tech?)

There’s a great guide to creating customer personas here. And some great examples of visual identities here.

If you're dropshipping using Oberlo, you really need to make sure you understand how it works.

If you decide to use Oberlo or an AliExpress app for dropshipping, you will need to download Google’s Chrome Browser to your desktop. You should also add the Chrome Extension for Oberlo to your browser. Have a look at this video which show’s how you can download the Oberlo app and install it to your store. I’ve also included how to add a product via the Oberlo app in the same video.

This video will show you how you can upload a product to your store by AliExpress. AliExpress includes a lot of jibberish that’s not needed for your store. I’d advise deleting the images that are not relevant to your product and as well the variants. You should edit the title, price, description, and variants once uploaded to your store to make it look like your own product. I’ve included this in the video as well just to show you an example.

I’ve made a video here on how to fulfill an order. When you see an order in your admin, you will need to first go to your Oberlo app and order it from the supplier. The video shows you how to do this. Once you fulfill the order, you then need to go back to your Shopify admin and click the ‘fulfilled’ button. This will send a notification to the customer saying that their order is on the way.

Feel free to contact Oberlo via their email address for any more information. They also have some helpful guides as shown here within the app if you would like to have a look at them:



There’s a really great AliExpress guide titled *The Definitive Guide to Dropshipping with Ali Express* that I’d recommend having a look over. It covers everything you need to know about dropshipping with AliExpress from start to finish.

In regard to shipping, here’s an informative Shopify Blog called Everything You Need to Know About ePacket Shipping: ePacket Delivery Explained that’s also certainly worth checking out too!

I hope this all helps!

All the best, Hyde.

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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